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Windows 11 Coming Out Very Soon! October 5th, 2021

Windows 11 release date confirmed, and you really don’t have long left with Windows 10

MICROSOFT has confirmed when you’ll be able to upgrade your existing laptop, desktop PC, or tablet to Windows 11… and it could be a matter of weeks, while some users might be forced to wait until next summer to download the new operating system.

Windows 11 Release Date Update UK New Features

Windows 11 will be available worldwide, starting from October 5, 2021 : You Can “Check Updates” Beginning October 1, 2021 (Image: MICROSOFT • GETTY)

Windows 11 will be available from October 5, 2021, Microsoft has confirmed in a blog post. Starting on October 1, PC owners with an official copy of Windows 10 will be able to upgrade to the redesigned operating system completely free of charge. If you recall like we do, Microsoft offered the exact free upgrade option at the launch of Windows 10 in an effort to boost adoption and increase Windows 10 metrics. Brand-new laptops, desktop PCs and two-in-one tablets with Windows 11 preinstalled will also begin to hit store shelves worldwide from October 5, Microsoft added.

Windows 11 is set to bring a dramatic new look to your PC. The new operating system, developed under the watchful eye of executive Panos Panay – who oversees the Surface hardware division inside Microsoft, brings a totally new look to the Start Menu, rounded edges to all windows, six preinstalled themes to customize the look, and a new panel of interactive widgets that can be accessed at any time. Dr. Sky has been Testing Windows 11 since its Developer Preview release in June, 2021 and is very excited to help you keep updated with all of the tips, tricks, and training sessions that all of you are expecting in a timely manner!

To find out whether your current machine is capable of running Windows 11 (not every device with Windows 10 can upgrade to the next version), Microsoft has updated its Windows Update app. This will now scan the components in your PC and let you know if your system is eligible for the upgrade. You can check right now by heading to Settings > Windows Update > Check Updates to see if your device is ready for the new OS and it will automatically tell you whether or not your machine is ready!

Even if you are eligible for the free upgrade scheme and your system is powerful enough to run Windows 11… you might still not be able to install the new operating system on October 5. Microsoft has confirmed that its worldwide launch will be “phased” starting from October 5 in order to “focus on quality”. As such, it could take a few months before the update is available in your area.

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This isn’t unusual since us GeeksByTheHour have been testing and helping people with their Windows OS computers since 1999, Microsoft has staggered the rollout of new updates throughout the lifecycle of Windows 10. This is designed to stop delays as millions of people try to download the latest software from the server on the same day. However, it also means that – should there be a show-stopping glitch or bug discovered early in the release – Microsoft will be able to pull the update before too much damage is caused.

The biggest difference with Windows 11 from all other Windows OS releases is that Microsoft is stretching out its release window for months (and not weeks, which has always been the norm since Windows 2000). In fact, the Redmond-based company has admitted that not all Windows 10 devices eligible to upgrade to the next operating system will be able to do so until mid-2022. Yikes. You could be waiting nine months before you get your hands on Windows 11. By then, GeeksByTheHour highly recommends that you are likely going to be in need of a new machine rather than a software update!

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