How to Transfer Data to a New iPad via Itunes (the easiest way)

By Sky The Tech Guy, Last update: June 1, 2020

Did you buy a new iPad and wants to transfer all your files from your old iPad to the new one? There is an easy way of how to transfer old data to new iPad without breaking a sweat.

You can transfer data through iTunes backup file or iCloud backup file that you have saved. Follow and read this post to learn how to transfer data to new iPad in no time!

How to transfer from old iPad to new? Keep reading! 

How To Transfer files from older iPad to a newer one via iTunes:

Apple devices are just simply the same with each other – in terms of backup files. The only thing that varies them from each other is their name, sizes, and other features.

But if you talk about saving backup files, usually they have the common iTunes or iCloud backup file. For this method, we will use iTunes backup file. This is of course if you used iTunes backup to save your data.

Backup iPad data with iTunes
Transfer Data from iPad to New iPad Using iTunes

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