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Remote Technical Support

We provide online technical support to to resolve all of your issues like Spyware/Adware/Virus Removal, PC Diagnostics, Data Recovery, Data Backup, PC Tune Up, Managed IT and much more...

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A Representative will remotely
diagnose your device.


The problem will be resolved within
24 hours from the purchase.

Who We Are!

100% Resolution of Computer, Device & Internet/Network Problems

Sky The Tech Guy, LLC priority is focused on resolving your technology issues right now at very affordable prices. We have been providing industry-leading Technical Support services for over 20 years. Since 2010, we have built a stellar guaranteed reputation with integrity, 100% satisfaction and trust through every single person we have contact with before, during, and after the service performed.

We have worked with thousands (4,335 to be exact as of March 6, 2022) of happy customers over the years and even include a 100% money back guarantee for all of the services provided.

With Sky The Tech Guy, you never have to worry about diagnostic fees (we offer a free Diagnostic) or hidden fees of any kind. We charge a transparent flat rate with your choice of one-time, monthly or annual rates based on your customized needs no matter how big or small.

Collectively, our team is able to handle a very wide array of tech issues due to our extensive knowledge base of Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Dr. Sky’s 15+ Years of IT Knowledge & Expertise.

Sky The Tech Guy, LLC is the reliable, friendly and easiest way to solve ALL of your technology problems! All of our work is fully backed by our money back guarantee 100% with no hassle with a no questions asked policy to make it right!

Providing Affordable Technology Solutions for Everyone! We also offer Individuals with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, and Current Military Members/Veterans of the United States Armed Forces significantly discounted Rates.

Please contact us right now via the blue Chat icon below, via email: or +1 (678) 671-6378


All services at one place

We invite you to download & install TeamViewer on your computer
to ease the process and do the tasks remotely


This is what our previous clients think!

Great service, sent a quote same day, scheduled service within a week. I was very honest about wanting to spend as little as possible and they listened, no frills or fuss or pushy sales. We had Sky The Tech Guy fix our entire nonprofit organization’s network issues, all remotely. Apparently ransomware got into our network server and our Network Admin was out on vacation. Sky The Tech Guy not only solved and fixed the problems without paying the ransom, but he also patched the exploit permanently and discovered that the bad guys got in via one of our employee’s opened files. Could not be happier and will definitely use him again because he quoted and delivered on a price significantly less than 7 others – especially as a small nonprofit organization w limited funds.

Allysa Smith, Miami, FL.


Sky The Tech Guy is the owner and the only person who should work on your computer remotely, as he is experienced and trustworthy- he has worked on countless devices and computers for us over the last 15+ years. Very professional, and very reasonably priced. Our last experience: Computer caught a virus/spyware and became unusable. He worked on it overnight (the same night we needed his help, and it was 12 midnight) and fixed everything, and after he and it runs better than ever – plus he even got rid of corrupted files and gave it a great cleaning. He was very thorough and made a return call for free last week when I could not get an old program to work properly… fixed that quickly and all is well. He guarantees his work and everything is up front and transparent with him…Very courteous. So glad to have a professional repairman I can trust and can do good work quickly even though we live in Kansas and he operates out of Atlanta, GA. Choose Sky, best guaranteed value for fixing everything and anything on or in a computer!

Stephanie Hartman, Wichita, KS


Sky The Tech Guy has been working on my computers for the past several years. I’ve always been able to count on him for complete, satisfactory service. If there is a difficult problem, Sky has always figured it out. He is so patient and is willing to answer any questions I have. On a couple of occasions, Sky accessed remotely into my computer from his home, in order to examine the problem and correct it. It was great not having to wait another day or two for him to come to my house. He even helped set up a brand new internet router remotely, which is amazing. He can do anything! I am grateful for his willingness to go that extra mile, in order to offer his expertise computer services. I highly recommend Sky. His prices are fair to the customer, and his skills are bar none. Thanks Sky! 

Mary Jane Robertson, Memphis, TN


Great experience from start to finish. I received a quote in advance and was able to be put Sky The Tech Guy on the schedule the next day. I’m so satisfied about getting all of our computers’ issues resolved at a very affordable price. We love VALUE here in Seattle, Washington, especially as a nonprofit. Sky did an excellent job with cleaning and optimizing all of our computers up remotely the right way! All of our computers, as well as the internet, are faster than ever…it appears they are even faster than when we got them brand new because my web pages show up quicker now!

Tina Wilson, Seattle, WA



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