Windows 11: Everything You Need To Know!

Windows 11


Two features from the Xbox Series X are making their way to PC via Windows 11:

  1. The first is Auto HDR, which will help “over 1000” previous-generation games look better by automatically enabling HDR. Without this feature, only games built to support HDR would use HDR on an HDR-compatible display. Microsoft showed it off in Skyrim, where it made the colors much more vivid and vibrant.
  2. The second is DirectStorage. Some Windows 11 PCs will be “DirectStorage Optimized”—they will need a high-performance NVMe SSD and appropriate drivers. On these PCs, games can quickly load data from system storage directly to the graphics card without taxing the CPU. Just like the Xbox did, this bypass will speed up game load times and make faster loading of assets during gameplay possible going forward.

A Smart Upgrade

Windows 11 seems pretty good so far! It’s full of other smart changes, too.

For example, Cortana is being removed from the PC setup experience, something that will no doubt please many system administrators like Dr. Sky Houston, who can’t stand Cortana and all of its headaches!

We here at GeeksByTheHour have given the Insiders Preview Build of Windows 11 a test drive and we are confident that:

  1. Microsoft is getting more serious on Security. Windows 11 requires a Camera to operate (at least in the factory installation process) and we are assuming this is based on a “mandatory” type of Biometrics Security Approach, at least as a philosophy if not in a configurable application.
  2. Requiring a PC with UEFI firmware that is 64-bit, Secure Boot capable and a version 2.0 TPM module chip, for example are positive Security requirements for today’s computing environment going forward.
  3. One of the major questions is how much privacy information will MSN require upon setup (MSN is now mandatory for Windows 11) And remember, it also requires a decent and stable Internet Connection as soon as you begin installing it that was optional in all previous Windows OS versions!

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